It is very healthy for detoxification or diet and very tasty. I did it for my husband, when he was hospitalized after a difficult operation. I only made a few soups and cured it. I'm kidding now, but he really liked it.

  • 2 carrots
  • 1 parsnip
  • 2 old onions
  • 1 patrol
  • 1 slice of celery
  • 1 lemon (optional)
  • 1-1.5 l bags
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 1 yolk
  • 1-2 tomatoes
  • 1-2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1 link larch and parsley
  • 1-2 teaspoons olive oil (optional)

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. The tomato is mixed with 1 onion, and a piece of tomato and the other onion are finely chopped.

In a bowl, mix the yolk, sour cream, sour cream, finely chopped tomato and onion, borscht, a little lemon juice, milk and juice from the raw vegetables, optionally the olive oil.

The vegetable pulp can be used in a raw sauce mixed with sour cream, yogurt, bechamel sauce.

Season the soup with chopped greens and garnish with whole leaves.

Good appetite.

Raw soup - Recipes


Tamarind is the fruit of a tropical tree, from the Fabaceae family, native to Africa (Sudan and Madagascar) and erroneously attributed to India as its origin (Hindi tamar), where it was later introduced. Known by the Greeks and Egyptians since the 4th century BC.

Tamarind (Hindi tamarind) is a fruit often used in India and the Philippines and looks like a kind of brown vegetable. Tamarind is also very popular in Africa, where it is consumed either raw or as an ingredient in certain traditional dishes.
The fruit, with a fleshy pulp, grows inside a brown pod similar to legumes, but larger.
Tamarind is a fruit that is found mainly in India, Asia, West Africa and South America. Tamarind has a sweet-sour taste, is rich in sugar, vitamin C, vitamin B and interesting for a calcium fruit.

You can find it at most oriental stores, at some Plafare and on the internet.

I will use it in my recipe for sour soup.


  • potatoes - 3-4 pcs
  • carrots - 2 pcs
  • parsley root - 1 pc
  • onion - 1 pc
  • tamarind - 30 gr
  • parsley - a few strands
  • water or stock (juice in which chicken or beef was boiled) - approx. 2 L
  • sour cream - 250 gr
  • soybean oil / grape seeds 20 ml (I use one of these 2 types of oil for frying, more details about the oil, you can find it in the section from “TIPS & IDEAS”.)
  • salt and pepper


Boil the tamarind in 500 ml of water for 15 minutes.

Wash the potatoes, carrots, parsley root and parsley leaves. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, preferably small or larger. Peel the parsley root and carrots and grate them, peel the onion and cut it into juliennes, finely chop the parsley leaves.

Put the pot on the fire with oil, when the oil is hot add the onion, carrots and grated parsley root, heat them for 1-2 minutes on low heat, then add 1 glass of stock and leave on low heat for 4-5 minutes, then add the rest of the stock, salt, pepper and let it boil on low / medium heat depending on the used eye of the stove.

After we have boiled the tamarind for 15 minutes, we strain it through a fine sieve and keep the juice, which we will use for sour soup. We can eat the fruit after it cools, be very careful not to swallow the seeds and twigs at the roots)

After the vegetables are cooked, add the tamarind juice and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

If we can't find tamarind, we can make this recipe and we can use it for sour, vegetable broth, borscht, grape aguride or pomegranate broth. )We have options, don't we? It's just that the taste will be different!

When the soup is ready, add the chopped parsley and sour cream, mix well and turn off the heat!

Cabbage salad with beets and carrots

Also follow the photo gallery with recipes based on beets to. You can eat it raw, baked, steamed and pickled. Beetroot - benefits and recipes with beets. Also, belts with raw red beets contain no more than 100 - 150 g of beets.

This way you get a raw beet salad that you can eat with any food. You need grated beets, parsley. Ordinary vegetable nowadays, beetroot has a glorious past. In folk medicine we find many recipes for regulating blood pressure. Very tasty and full of vitamins and minerals. Besides cabbage, carrots and beets & # 8211 yes, yes, all raw! Wow, all is ok for me yes raw beetroot I did not eat but precisely one. You need the following ingredients: 2 cups boiled chickpeas, 1 medium raw beetroot, 3-4 cloves of garlic. A blog with culinary recipes, simple recipes and available to anyone, quick recipes.

Raw beetroot and horseradish salad & # 8211 recipe and benefits. One of the most sought after is the raw horseradish beet salad with horseradish. Grandma also made raw beetroot juice. Rating: 4.6 & # 8211 5 votes & # 8211 1 hour 10 min.

How to make the best raw beetroot salad & # 8211 BZI.

Borsch de leurdă

Even if this type is less common, leurda borscht is an important preparation for the spring season. This is what we need to prepare it.

  • 6-8 bundles of leurd (a full plate),
  • 1 onion,
  • 1 carrot,
  • 1-2 bunches of green onions,
  • 2 potatoes (or more, if you like thicker juice),
  • 1 l of borscht,
  • parsley, dill, larch,
  • salt.


In the first row we clean the vegetables, cut the potatoes into cubes, the leurda in the slices, and the other vegetables smaller.

We will boil the onion and the carrot & icircn 2 liters of lightly salted water. Then add, 10 minutes after the first boil, the potatoes. Then, after about a quarter of an hour, over low heat, put the leurda and onion. Finally add the borscht. It is good to leave the mixture for 15-20 minutes, then we can serve.

Soup of leurda fasting is the perfect choice for this time of year. Prepare it too and you will enjoy its taste, but also the benefits it has for the body.

Beet recipes

These beet recipes invites you to discover unique ways to prepare a meal as good as it is healthy. Learn how to prepare a delicious beet salad or other beetroot dishes today: raw, baked or pickled.

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    Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the richness of vegetables and to include them more in our diet. With.

    Beetroot is one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables, containing vitamins A, B, C, but also minerals (such as.

    Most children are not at all aware when it comes to eating vegetables. These are absolutely & icircnsă.

    If you want to naturally increase your ability to concentrate and at the same time ensure your vitamin intake.

    The first days of spring can bring, along with the bleaching sun and longer days, the unpleasant conditions caused by.

    As we know, the liver is the main organ responsible for detoxifying the body. Being & icircnsă so & acirct to be requested (food.

    If you want to have beautiful skin for a longer period of time, nutritionists advise you to get used to consuming it daily.

    Here is an ideal smoothie for cold children. Beetroot contains many healthy carbohydrates. When we have a cold, we can't eat much.

    The appetizer with cream cheese and turkey ham is very easy to prepare, the assembly part requiring only 10 minutes. In rest, the.

    Beetroot is one of the most nutritious vegetables, being rich & icircn valuable nutrients (such as vitamins A, C, E, K, iron.

    Beetroot soup is not only tasty, but also very rich in iron, magnesium, vitamins A and C, fiber, which come from beets and.

    First we clean all the vegetables and wash them well. Chop the onion, carrots, celery, parsnips, parsley root, garlic and leeks well or, more simply, put them on a large grater.

    We chop the potatoes, bell peppers, beans, cauliflower and zucchini in small cubes and put them in a bowl with cold water and a little salt. We chop the cabbage into thin strips. We cut the tomatoes in half. We also chop the greens as small as possible, if we have dry greens, we crush them well between the palms so that they come out as a kind of powder.
    Now we have all the ingredients ready.

    In a separate pot from the one in which we will prepare the soup, boil the tomatoes cut in half.

    In another pot, boil the borscht. Meanwhile, in the pot in which we will prepare the soup, heat half the amount of butter, add the pepper and salt, leeks, onions and garlic and simmer them. Take the pot off the heat and let it cool, then add the potatoes, carrots, celery, parsnips, parsley root, bell pepper, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage and zucchini drained and drained. We suffocate them a little for everything, then "quench" with 1l-1l and 1/2 of water and let them boil.

    When the tomatoes are completely cooked, take them off the heat and pass them through a sieve so that we can easily separate them from the peels and seeds. We add the juice and the resulting core over the boiling borscht. When it boils well, add the larch, parsley, celery (leaves or powder), lemon juice and mix well. Let it boil until it decreases and acquires a uniform color.

    During this time, beat the egg foam, finely chop the whole dill and add it over the egg, stirring constantly, then add the yoghurt.

    When the vegetables start to soften, so halfway through the cooking time, add the well-boiled and low-mixture mixture of borscht with tomatoes, greens and lemon juice. Let it boil well until it drops, add the egg with yogurt and dill and the rest of the butter, stirring constantly. Let it boil until the egg is incorporated, otherwise the soup can be altered from one day to the next if it is not well cooked.

    When serving, we can add a few finely chopped green parsley and / or larch leaves to the plates.

    Grandma's food, the healthiest. What old recipes should you prepare as often as possible

    Healthy food is expensive. That's what most people say, but the statement is not always supported.

    Eat beans or peas often. There are rich foods that feed you properly. Both contain plenty of protein, which is why they are not associated with meat products. Do not gain weight if you do not add oil to the preparation.

    Bean stew, potato dish, vegetable stew, potato soup. Here are some traditional dishes, rich in nutrients and without high costs. But do not combine them with pieces of meat because it increases their caloric value.

    And eating mushrooms is a nutritious alternative that will not make you fat. Combine only with vegetables and spices.

    Cabbage is another traditional dish available. But it would be preferable to eat a salad of raw cabbage next to a slice of meat prepared without oil. It is a good combination that does not make you fat. Avoid eating it with bread or polenta.

    See more tips in the show "What's up, Doctor?" From lower:

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    Here is a selection of the most delicious belly soup recipes, preferred by many Romanians.

    1.2 kg pre-cooked belly
    1 os vita
    1 1/2 carrots
    1 gulie
    2 parsley roots
    1 wire celery
    1 tablespoon peppercorns
    2 was dafin
    1/2 red pepper
    1 hot pepper
    400 gr sour cream
    6 large cloves of garlic
    4 tablespoons large salt
    2 tablespoons oil
    7 tablespoons vinegar (for washing the belly)

    Method of preparation
    Boil the beef bone well with the vegetables and separate the belly.
    I strained the soup obtained.
    I took some soup, cooled it and then I added sour cream and pre-mixed eggs.
    I took the pot after the fire and added the composition, stirring quickly so that the soup would not be chewed.
    Serve to taste with vinegar and garlic sauce.

    Tripe soup. Mrs. Hădean's recipe # Recipe 2

    Many people know Adi Hadean and it is known how skilled he is in the kitchen. But Mrs. Haean doesn't give up either. Here's her belly soup recipe.

    The belly soup recipe is a simple one and has its own variations for each family. In principle, if you know how to do it, it turns out good, if you don't know how to do it, it turns out bad. My lady knows how to do it.


    send me to buy vegetables, belly (I use 2 kilograms of pre-cooked belly, cleaned and frozen, it took some time until I found a good one but I prefer this way to take a raw belly, always bad, and go through that torturous process, smelly - bad mojo, when you live in the block - and, in my opinion, useless and irrelevant in the final picture). I buy beef bones with marrow and two (small) pork legs. I also buy carrots, celery, parsley root, parsley leaves, onions and garlic.

    Method of preparation

    I come home, I let my belly thaw in the evening in the morning, I wash and clean the vegetables, I wash the bones, I talk and I clean the pig's legs. I put cold water in the ten liter pot (it's a waste of time and resources to start the belly soup in a pot smaller than ten liters) and I put the pork bones and legs, scalded once, for 30 seconds (leave much more little foam). The fire must be small, the cooking must be of the extractive type, you must get from the bones, pork legs and vegetables (which you put in the pot only after the water starts to boil) all the taste they can offer. This soup is the most important thing in belly soup, even more important than belly. It should boil for three hours, during which time you can put a little salt in the pot and, if necessary, froth. If you have a little meat on the bones you boil, it's even better (you can put 2-3 pieces of brine, it's nice to put a few pieces of meat in the soup, in addition to the belly). After she gets the soup from which everything starts, Mrs. Hadean slips it into a smaller pot (loses about 4 liters by boiling), gives me to wash the big pot and choose the meat on the bones then strain the soup once more and put it back in the pot in which it boiled. This time add the belly cut into suitable strips, a paste obtained from 8 cloves of garlic (not very large) crushed and rubbed with a little salt and two tablespoons of oil and two carrots of marjoram, given through a small grater. I know that many people cook carrots in oil and add them to the soup at the end, for color. I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying that if you put it through a fine grater and let it boil for an hour on low heat, together with the belly, the soup will get more flavor and enough color, without being burdened by a frying (by the way, after straining I degrease the soup, I take all the fat from the surface, it accumulates about half a liter of fat that I would not give to anyone to eat).

    After boiling the soup with the belly in it for an hour on low heat (enough to get a taste of the belly, if you managed to buy a quality one - usually the most expensive is the best), the lady puts in it 100 milliliters of pickle vinegar. It is fragrant and less acidic. Then straighten the soup with a mixture of 5-6 yolks at room temperature mixed with 300 grams of sour cream and soup from the pot, added a little to bring the dressing to the right temperature without cheese. Once the dressing is added (also called liezon, also called thicken), turn off the heat and let the soup calm down. If you want to put chopped parsley on a plate, a tablespoon of sour cream, more vinegar or hot peppers, no one will argue with you.

    Transylvanian belly soup # Recipe 3


    1 kg of pre-cooked beef belly

    4 medium pork legs / 1 medium brine

    Method of preparation

    Transylvanian belly soup - the difference between it and the traditional belly soup is the addition of brine and / or pork legs. Wash and clean the pig's rind and / or legs well. When it starts to boil, remove the foam formed with a whisk. Meanwhile, clean the vegetables and boil, separately, the belly with a little vinegar and let it boil. Add the vegetables over the brine and / or the pork legs and continue to cook until the meat comes off the bones on its own. Remove the pieces of meat and leave them to cool. When they have cooled enough, cut them into pieces and put them back in the pot with the vegetables. Add belly and extra water, if required. Leave it on the fire until the belly is very well cooked.

    Meanwhile, clean the crushed garlic. Rub it with salt as for mujdei (until you get a whitish paste, that is). Separately beat eggs with a pinch of salt and about 3 tablespoons of sour cream. Add beaten eggs and half of the garlic cream to the soup. Stop the fire, add vinegar to taste.

    Tripe soup. Radu Anton Roman's recipe # Recipe 4

    I know people who eat at least one belly soup every day, and Bucharest, Braila, Galatii, Constanta, Craiova, Turnu Severin each have their famous pubs and are only wanted for this soup.


    one kg of belly of cow or calf

    2 kg hammers and cow legs

    Method of preparation

    Evening: Boil 5 liters of water with hammers and broken legs, froth. Wash the belly, cut into suitable pieces, discard the fat, clean the "wrinkled" skin, rub with cornstarch and vinegar. Leave it in the cold water until morning with a teaspoon of baking soda to remove the acid from the muscles. After three hours of cooking, remove the bones and hammers from the pot and debone, cutting the stingy.

    In the morning: Put the belly to boil in the water in which the bones were boiled, filled to 5 liters. Grate the carrots, parsnips, chop the onion from the knife. After three hours, remove the pot from the heat, remove the belly and cut into slices of approx. 1 cm wide - 3 cm long (or as you like). Put everything back to the boil - belly, hammer sticks, vinegar and vegetables - for another hour. The soup must be as thick as the juice, so to reduce about 3 liters of the 5 initials that fall below, it is added. Grind the garlic, rub with 1 tablespoon of salt (with a tip), egg yolks, sour cream and a little chilled juice from the soup. Season the soup with garlic and the rest, pepper to taste, sprinkle with larch.

    It is offered hot, with hot peppers, but also to have at hand an olive tree with mujdei, vinegar, sour cream, as each has its own taste. There are options, of course: in the summer, chop a red bell pepper, squeeze a ripe tomato. Attention, it is possible without legs and cow hammers, but then we have to increase the amount of belly accordingly.

    Beef belly soup # Recipe 5

    1 kg sliced, pre-cooked beef belly, 2 carrots, a parsley root, a tablespoon of dehydrated vegetables, salt, 4 eggs, 200 g sour cream, a little oil
    sour cream for a suitable head of garlic, 100 ml of vinegar, salt

    Yellow bean soup cook in 50 minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow to prepare four servings yellow bean soup:

    1. You can use already preserved yellow beans, in a jar, boiled, or raw yellow beans, which are boiled in salted water for 30 minutes, until half softened.

    2. Peel onions and carrots, and boil in salted water.

    3. After 20 minutes of cooking, add the potatoes, the yellow bean pods, let it boil for another 10 minutes, then add the tomato paste and the crushed garlic and leave it for another 10 minutes.

    5. Remove from the heat and add finely chopped parsley.

    Yellow bean soup serve hot, with sour cream on top. Easily digestible, bean soup yellow your child will definitely like it.

    Recipe for stevia soup with egg

    Ingredients for stevia soup: vegetables in the amount you want (onions, carrots, parsnips, bell peppers, celery, potatoes, stevia), olive oil, tomatoes, 1 liter of borscht, larch, two eggs, two tablespoons of flour or cornstarch.

    Stevia soup recipe: Chop the vegetables (onions, carrots, parsnips, bell peppers, celery) and boil them in salted water. We test with a spoon if all the vegetables have boiled and we add the chopped potatoes. Then add the tomatoes and olive oil (for more taste you can fry the fresh tomatoes crushed in 30ml olive oil because they will become sweeter before putting them in the soup). We boil the stevia in boiled water with a little salt. Finely chop the stevia, add it over the cooked vegetables and fill with water if necessary. Let it boil for a few minutes, then add the borscht (preheated to near boiling). (If you don't like borscht, you can add lemon juice after you turn off the heat.) Towards the end, beat two eggs with two tablespoons of flour and a little salt. We put the egg composition with the flour in a bag in which we make a small hole and let it flow in the soup that boils in the boil because this way we will form egg lumps. Or we can make a thin omelet that we cut into slices to add to our stevia soup. Then turn off the heat and add chopped larch.

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