Top Rated Ginger Recipes

You might not think the pairing of rum and ginger ale would make for a great holiday cocktail — but it does, and it's delicious.

This kombucha whiskey ginger smash is refreshing, spicy from the ginger, and the fizz of the kombucha is great texture for your cocktail.Recipe courtesy of Bits + Bites

Fall's the best time to use up all those apples you've waited all year for; add them to a juice that's zesty and healthy. The recipe comes from Francesca Pucher, wellness coach and fitness expert. "This is a great digestive drink, and an excellent way to get extra vitamin C in your eating plan," she says.

Pears are one of fall's most forgotten-about fruits, but we can't imagine why when there's a juice recipe with pears this good. Made by Marra St.Clair and Lori Kenyon-Farley, certified nutritional consultants and co-founders of USDA-certified organic Ritual Wellness Cleanse, this combination of ingredients is especially good to boost your immunity as the colds and coughs come rolling in.

Ginger is one of the best foods you can eat to boost your immune system, and this ginger mango smoothie is packed with the root.Courtesy of the National Mango Board

Spicy and sweet, this drink brings as much reckoning as it does legs to the dance floor. The Candied Ginger is delicious, and with the right soundtrack, encourages even your great-aunt Mildred to the dance floor in time for the Bus Stop. Don’t let her down! Consider this cocktail as your wedding's signature drink.

If you're trying to detox, ginger root is the perfect ingredient. Here’s a healthy smoothie that will make detoxing seem easy.This recipe is courtesy of bembu.

A healthy and delicious detox smoothie that features banana, ginger, orange juice, and mango.This recipe is courtesy of Allwomenstalk.

If you combine Meyer lemons with ginger, it will rev up your metabolism and cleanse your body of harmful toxins and pollutants. Lemons are great for smoothies, but paired with ginger, they're undeniably delicious.

A whiskey ginger is a classic ginger ale highball made with ginger ale and whiskey. This recipe calls for bourbon, but any kind of whiskey will do the trick. It’s simple, spicy, quick, and delicious. That’s all you need to know.This recipe is courtesy of Brit + Co.

Chamomile is an effective acid neutralizer that also aids in relaxation. Ginger helps repair inflammation, eases nausea, and settles the stomach. Sip this tea hot or cold and let it soothe your burning tummy.

Sometimes you have a craving that just won’t go away. Mine is usually for noodles. Chow fun, lo mein, pad thai — I love them all.This recipe is cheap, fast, and totally satisfying. The ginger provides the flavor, and the spinach keeps it healthy. To be honest, these noodles make me wonder why I ever order in, as they take the same amount of time to make as delivery from my local Chinese joint. With this recipe, you'll get enough to feed a small army, or just two really hungry folks.Click here to see 5 Slurptastic Noodle Recipes.

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