I also returned with steps to the bread weaving, this time I made some breads but very small.

  • flour
  • yeast
  • salt
  • the water

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Homemade bread 2:

make a dough from water, flour, yeast, and salt, leave it to rise until it doubles in volume, put it on the counter and add a little more flour, and divide it into 4 and make 4 rolls, so to speak, see in the pictures , after you have braided it, put grated cheese on top.

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after you have finished knitting the bread, put the edges under the bread.

2 eggs and 2 tomatoes, for the most delicious homemade bread!

Do you want to change something in the classic homemade bread recipe? Try the recipe based on tomato juice with eggs. Braided breads, prepared according to this recipe, will be a guaranteed success. You have certainly realized that they have a completely unusual and unique taste, but at the same time mega delicious. With an intoxicating and irresistible aroma, a fluffy and soft interior, a slightly crunchy and reddish exterior, the bread will conquer anyone who tries it.



  1. Put the tomatoes in a bowl and pour boiling water over them. Leave for a few minutes and then peel them.
  2. Cut them into rounds, put them in a bowl and add 2 eggs.
  3. Put them in a blender and mix until you get a smooth juice.
  4. Put the flour in a bowl and add the sugar, salt, yeast and tomato juice. Knead well until you get a smooth and sticky dough. Cover with a towel and leave to rise for 1 hour.
  5. Transfer the dough to the work table sprinkled with flour. Shape the dough into a rectangular bagel, then cut it into 1-2 cm thick slices. Each slice is rolled into a 1 cm thick roll. After you have spread each slice well, take the first roll, place it on top, the next one, facing the opposite side and press lightly in the middle, where the 2 ropes of dough intersect. Knit in 4 and at the end hide the ends of the rolls under the obtained bun. Do the same with all the dough rolls. Place the obtained breads in a tray lined with baking paper and grease them with an egg yolk. Bake for 25 minutes at 170 ° C.
  6. Enjoy with pleasure!



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Chef Sorin Bontea's bread recipe

Chef Bontea revealed in a video his favorite bread recipe that is made with just one gram of yeast. The recipe is very economical and simple.

"Hello! If I'm still at home, I said I'll make bread. I really like bread, so I decided to make it. I do it every 2-3 days. And, because it is very difficult to find yeast during this period, I will make a recipe with very little yeast ", says Bontea in the video posted on Facebook.

Mix the flour with the yeast and salt and pour over the lukewarm water, then knead for a few minutes.

"It's a good thing, a few minutes, not a big deal. Don't make lumps and that's it. I put the crust with a slightly soft consistency in a box with a little olive oil on the bottom. Leave it to rise for 20-30 minutes, at room temperature, with the lid on the box.

If you do not put it in oil, it should sit in a bowl of lukewarm water. We repeat the process of folding it 4 times, every 20 minutes, then we leave it to rise overnight, about 12 hours, ”says Bontea.

"After 12 hours, chef Sorin Bontea splits the cake in two, folds it by pulling the corners" about eight times "towards the center" like cheese "and leaves the cake to rise for another 50 minutes in a bowl / basket with a little flour on the edge (at room temperature).

Meanwhile, the oven must be heated to 250 degrees Celsius. Chef Sorin Bontea then puts a cast iron pan in the oven to heat for 20-30 minutes.

Put the leavened shell in the preheated cast iron saucepan and leave it (with the lid on) for 30 minutes in the oven at 250 degrees.

After 30 minutes, the lid is removed and left for another 10-15 minutes, depending on how much redness we want it to be. I know it lasts a long time, but, I think, it's worth the wait ", Bontea also explained.

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