Horror of Horrors: Gordon Ramsay Is Disgusted by Girl Scout Cookies

Gordon Ramsay appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to finally try Girl Scout cookies, and he wasn’t impressed

In true Ramsay fashion, there were spit-takes involved in this taste test.

Although Chef Gordon Ramsay has been delighting and frightening U.S. audiences with his culinary expertise and salacious potty mouth for more than a decade, he has yet to sample one of the most popular American delicacies: Girl Scout cookies.

Jimmy Kimmel got wind of this outrageous misstep in Ramsay’s culinary career, and made him try some cookies on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night.

Apparently, the Kitchen Nightmares star didn’t even really know what a Girl Scout was: “They’re like guides right?” he asked in the video clip.

But true to his nature, Ramsay was not easy on the taste and texture of the beloved American desserts, even if they are sold by little girls. He said Tagalongs “looked like dog biscuits,” called Samoas “a bit weird” and disappointingly small, and was especially disgusted by Kimmel’s favorite, the classic Thin Mints:

“They taste like cheap After 8 dinner mints,” Ramsay quipped as he spat out the remains of the mint chocolate cookie.

You can watch the rest of the video below.

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